For over twenty years, Elizabeth Tomlin has enjoyed a busy performance schedule collaborating with other musicians from around the world. She has worked with every voice-type and every instrument, and has well over 200 collaborative works in her repertoire.  She has also performed and premiered many new works by professional and student composers, ranging from Solo Piano works to large ensembles to Piano Concerti.  She has frequently been called upon to perform with all variety of instruments and ensembles with little rehearsal time, and has developed a strong reputation as a reliable and musical colleague.

Here are some possibilities of collaboration:

  • Accompaniment of lessons, contests, performances, national competitions
  • Vocal and instrumental coaching
  • Chamber music coaching
  • Collaboration with Bay Area musicians
  • Collaboration with Visiting Artists in the Bay Area
  • Performance with New Music Ensembles
  • Record accompaniments for personal rehearsal in MP3 format.
  • Record new compositions

Please contact for playing opportunities and fee structure.

“Beth Tomlin is that rare example of a collaborator who is really an equal partner in the musical choices necessary to craft a significant performance. She is ALWAYS prepared before rehearsals, is incredibly flexible, a fabulous listener, a first rank musician with a prodigious technical clarity. Having worked with many pianists around the world I can assert that Beth is indisputably among the very best.”

~Brooks DeWetter Smith